1 KILO-Amazing Chevron Amethyst Spheres on SALE



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Chevron Amethyst Spheres - WOW Superb Quality!

These beautiful chevron amethyst spheres are hand carved and polished - each sphere is one-of-a-kind! Chevron Amethyst has been described as a purple and white crystal in terms of its appearance. In more specific terms the crystal is a combination of white quartz and purple amethyst, giving it a distinct and recognizable look!

Spheres will be mixed sizes   Sold by weight, not quantity 

Photo is example only. These spheres are all natural, genuine chevron amethyst - 
Some natural variance in size, shape, color/hue is to be expected. 

This listing is for 1 kilo of mixed size chevron amethyst spheres. 

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