20 pc set "Lynx" Cowrie Shells .75-1.25" avg Wholesale Bulk



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20 pc Set of Lynx Cowrie Shells .75-1.5" avg Wholesale Bulk (COWRIE-2)

Around the world people have been playing games with Cowrie shells: chozhi, chowka bhara, gatte, pallankuli, and more. An American version, Kaudi, is played with four cowrie shells and two or more players sitting in a circle. 

How to Play:
All players sit in a circle.  The group unanimously decides Player 1. The turn for other players moves in clockwise direction. In a turn, players have to throw all four cowrie shells on the floor and are scored based on the throw of all four cowries shells. . If all of cowries fall upside down on the floor with their mouth closed, the player gets eight points. If all 4 cowrie shells fall with their mouth open then all player try to grab them quickly from the ground and scores 4 points for each shell collected. (The scores for various kinds of Cowrie throw is depicted in Fig. 1.) If two cowrie shells  fall upside down then the player has to strike the open mouthed cowrie shells with closed mouthed cowrie shell with their finger. The player scores one point each for hitting his target. The turn comes to an end, if the player fails to hit the targeted shell or if three shells fall either opened mouth or closed mouth. The next player continues with their turn. The player who scores maximum is the winner of the game.

These are also great for jewelry making, home decor and other DIY projects and crafts!

100% Genuine Natural "Lynx" Cowrie Shells

Shells measure .75-1.5" (AVERAGE SIZE) This is a natural product 

Picture is example ONLY | Please allow for some natural variation in size, shape and color/hue.

This listing is for twenty (20) cowrie shells.




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