3 pc Random Lot Pink #1 Brazil Geode Agate Slices Wholesale 2.5"-3" L


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3 pc Lot Pink #1 Brazil Geode Agate Slices Polished Slabs Wholesale 2.5"-3" L - Randomly Picked

Brazilian agate slices!

Pieces are randomly selected, picture is an example only.

Agate slices may include quartz crystal geode druzy centers. Many different agate varieties exist such as eye agate, scenic agate, dendritic agate, tubular agate, banded agate etc. Agate geodes are formed in volcanic lava which contain gas bubbles that fill with water and turn to quartz. Agate is quartz with impurities, mostly translucent. 7 on Mohs hardness.The natural color of agate is called natural - mostly gray, red ,brown (All other colors are dyed colors.)

Size is by longest points. Agates form in many shapes.


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