4 KILO LOT - India Zeolite A Grade Small / 2.5-4" AVG



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A GRADE Zeolite  Zeolite Mineral Collection Wholesale -Apophyllites, Stilbites, Prehnites , Heulandites Zeolite is a collective name for minerals and chemical compounds within the group of silicates. Natural zeolites are crystalline compounds of volcanic origin

Minerals From INDIA. 
Zeolite -Apophyllite Clusters Apophyllite cluster specimens nearly perfect, no damage, some in druzey form, some with double term crystals natural glistening crystal, including some 'peachy' coloured Stilbite, commonly found in cavities in basalt of volcanic rock, where it is associated with Zeolites and Prehnite, mostly found in India.

Specimens  may vary slightly. Wholesale Deal.

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