A-13099 Schorl Black Tourmaline from Madagascar 0.8 oz


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Schorl Black Tourmaline form Madagascar

Origin: Sahatany Valley, Madagascar

100% Genuine Schorl


Schorl is another name given to black tourmaline. Tourmaline can come in a wide variety of colors, almost every color in the spectrum. Despite this wide rainbow of colors, black tourmaline, or schorl, is by far the most common and abundant. Tourmaline is often time found in pegmatite fields or along with quartz and grows in long, prismatic crystals. These pieces are heavily striated and have great luster. Tourmaline can be found in almost every region of the world and is one of the most well known minerals.


Weight: 0.8 oz

Length: 1.45 in


You Will Receive the Exact Piece in the Photo.


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