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Azurite and Malachite Crystals from Morocco 25 g lots


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    Azurite and Malachite Crystals 25 g lot

    Origin: Morocco

    100% Natural Genuine Raw Azurite Crystals, Malachite Crystals and Crystals with both minerals present

    Azurite is a soft, deep-blue copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. During the early 19th century, it was also known as chessylite, after the type locality at Chessy-les-Mines near Lyon, France. Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that was one of the first ores used to produce copper metal. Azurite and malachite are two copper-based gemstones that are frequently found together in copper mines, or near mines of other copper-based gemstones such as turquoise and chrysocolla. According to metaphysical beliefs, azurite malachite is very calming and soothing to your emotions. The deep violet-blue of azurite is often associated with the Throat Chakra and the green energy given off by malachite is associated with the Heart Chakra.

    Picture is example only | This is a natural product so please allow for some natural variation in lots.

    This listing is for a twenty-five (25) gram lot of azurite/malachite crystals.



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