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Ancient Shungite

Posted by Stacey Marie on

On first appearance to the untrained eye, shungite comes across as somewhat plain in its gray to dark black rough form. It may not grab your eye like more popular colorful and lustrous stones. I walked by it dozens of times in our shop, not really paying it any attention. One day, for no particular reason, I picked it up. I found the almost feather light weight feeling of it intriguing and so I began to "google"...

According to some sources, this stone is 2 million years old. It's origins include mostly Russia. The reason for shungite's light weight feeling is because it consists of 10%-98% carbon. For anyone who has knowledge of carbon, you can imagine that shungite has some viable uses. These uses include water purification, paint color, medicines etc. When it is polished or tumbled, its beautiful metallic gray/black color is highlighted by its soft dents and grooves caught in the light.  It has different ranges of luster from dull to bright.

Here at Crystal River Gems, you can buy tumbled pieces of shungite for your collection, or in pendant form to wear which makes a fun conversation piece! Let it remind you of the wonder of our earth and it's ancient formations.

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