Calcite and Gems Collection Gemstone Box Set 12 oz. Wholesale Bulk



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Raw Calcite and Gems Gemstone Box Set 10 oz. Wholesale Bulk (BOX-10)

This box set is an eclectic collection from Brazil, Morocco and Mexico, showcasing a variety of Smooth Mexican Calcites, Mexican Fluorite, Moroccan White Selenite and some Brazilian Classics- Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Jasper. A great starter kit for any rock enthusiast and a colorful collection of Earth's natural gifts!

100% Genuine Natural Gemstones 

Origin: Brazil Morocco Mexico

Each rough gemstones measures approximately 1.5"-2.5" avg (AVERAGE SIZE) Natural Product | Sizes and Shapes Vary Slightly

Each box set contains ten (10) gemstone specimens.

One (1) specimen each of the following gemstones: Rough Rose Quartz, Rough Amethyst, Rough Web Jasper, Moroccan Selenite, Mexican Green and Purple Fluorite, Blue Calcite, Emerald Green Calcite, Orange Calcite, Zebra Calcite, "Honey" Calcite

Picture is example only | Please allow for some natural variation in size, shape and color/hue | You will receive items similar to those show in photo

This listing is for one (1) 10 specimen box set.


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