D-9391 Lemurian Lazer Quartz 4.0 oz Lot


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Lemurian Lazer Quartz


Origin: Brazil


100% Genuine Lemurian Lazer Quartz


Lemurian Crystal Points, "Time Keepers" Crystal have small horizontal striations or "time lines" along the sides of the shaft of the crystal. To be a true Lemurian Crystal, you not only should be able to see the striations but also feel them!

LASER, or "LAZER" refers to a long slender crystal with small faces on the termination. The crystal tapers, going from wide to more narrow, ending in a point.

Please note that these are 100% natural points hand mined in Brazil and will have scars and chips, do not expect perfection.


Weight: 4.0 oz

Length: 1.3-2.5 in


You receive the crystals in the photo.


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