Gemstone Diffuser- Rose Quartz



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Gemstone Diffuser- Rose Quartz

*Reeds and essential oils NOT included

Our beautifully hand-carved essential oil gemstone diffuser is designed to continuously fill any space with a lush, memorable fragrance, while doubling as a unique piece of decor. Perfectly suitable for the bedroom, office, living room, bathroom, etc. Diffusers disperse scent into the air naturally. No flame means no soot and more importantly, no risk of fire.   

Each piece is an individually unique piece of functional home decor!

100% Natural, Hand-carved Gemstone

Dimensions (approximate- sizes will vary slightly):

3.75" T X 2.75" W X 2.50" D 

average weight per piece: 23-28 ounces


Gemstone Diffuser contains a secured vial to hold your essential oils. Vial is 1.25" in diameter, 3.00" tall and holds approximately 2.00 ounces.


To use:

Select essential oil(s) of your choice and pour into diffuser (*You may want to dilute with some water.)

Insert natural reed, bamboo or rattan sticks into the diffuser bottle to absorb the oil. 

Flip the reeds so that the "dry" side in now closest to the bottle and the saturated end is in the air.

Place the "dry" end of the reeds into the diffuser.

The reed diffuser will continue to evaporate into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious scent. 


Helpful Hints:

The number of diffuser sticks is personal preference- typically 6-10. 

If you want to increase the scent, just flip the sticks. 

In smaller spaces, use less sticks. 

Diffuser essential oils are flammable so keep away from open flames. 

Diffusers work best when placed on a drink coaster to avoid leaving marks.


*Pictures are example only | Please allow for some natural variation in size, shape and color/hue.

Each piece is slightly different and unique! 


This listing is for one (1) gemstone diffuser- reeds and essential oils NOT INCLUDED.





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