Gold Plated Gemstone Arrowhead Pendant Set (AH10)



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Gold Plated Gemstone Arrowhead Pendant Set: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Obsidian

 This listing includes three 1.5"-2" traditionally styled arrowhead pendants in gold plating.

The earliest arrowheads were made of stone, and the arrowhead became a meaningful symbol in Native American culture and spirituality. This set includes the following stones:

Clear quartz

This oxide mineral is the most commonly used stone in jewelry and hardstone carvings worldwide, and it is the second most abundant mineral in Earth's continental crust. Quartz is transparent, and its crystalline structure forms in a six-sided prism terminating at a pyramid end point. Quartz ranges from transparent to milky translucent or opaque depending on irradiation or the presence of other minerals. 

Rose quartz

Ranging from very pale pink to rose colored, rose quartz is an oxide mineral including trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese. The rose color may be caused by microscopic inclusions of pink dumortierite, making it typically translucent as opposed to transparent. Rose quartz forms in a hexagonal system, and its pink color associates it with love. 


Although naturally occurring like minerals, obsidian is not crystalline, and its variable composition classifies it as a volcanic glass. Obsidian is formed by quickly cooling lava, and consists mainly of silicon dioxide. Its conchoidal fracture results in a sharp, smooth blade, so it was historically used to create knives and arrowheads.


This listing is for one arrowhead pendant set (3 pendants total, 1 of each clear quartz, rose quartz, and obsidian). 
Picture is example only. No chains included. 


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