HUGE 12-15 KILO Amethyst Geode Cluster on Metal Stand 15-18" tall


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GRADE A Polished Amethyst Druzy on manual SPINNING Metal Stand
BIG 12-15KILO Amethyst Geode Cluster on Metal Stand  15-18"tall
The geode has a polished finish to the geode edge where the crystals meet the matrix 
Random pick / Picture is example only!  /  Great Color!

Natural Amethyst from Brazil with custom fitted stand

  • Great Designer showpiece. SPECIAL STOCK - LIMITED
  • Amethyst Crystal Druzy Geode Display with Spinning Stand, Crystal Amethyst Geode Display
  • Amethyst is a variety of quartz. It differs from ordinary quartz crystal because of its purple color. The purple color is due to traces of manganese or iron. Amethyst can be found in Brazil
  • Wholesale Bulk Pricing. CRYSTAL RIVER GEMS
  • ONLY shipping to USA!  VERY HEAVY!
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