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Live Sales will now be almost everyday from at least 1PM to 4PM unless it is an evening show from 5PM to 8PM.

We will start our lives with a table of unique items. Each one will have a set price. If you'd like to buy an item, you must be the first person to comment "CLAIM" or "C" and follow that with the price of the item. Ex: "CLAIM $22.95". We will be going by whoever is first on OUR screen. See the details below for how to participate. 

BEFORE THE LVIE SALE: You must sign up for an account on our website if you don't already have one. This is where your invoice to pay will be. 



- Join the Live stream at any time 

- When you see an item that you want, you must be the first person to comment “CLAIM (price$)” in the chat after the item is shown and the price is announced. We will go over this at the beginning of a live sale. 

- You can continue to watch the live for the full duration and buy multiple items. You may also leave at any point even if you bought something. However, you MUST message us on Instagram with your NAME & EMAIL tied to your account.

- Payments due within 24 hours unless you request an "Open Box".

-"Open Boxes" can be requested when you start an order. They can now only be open for 1 week where you can add items on. After the 1 week is up you must pay within a week of it closing and can no longer claim until paid. 

- We will then create an invoice for your order and message you the link when the invoice is ready for payment. You can pay with any payments we accept on our website. 

- Once we have confirmed payment, your order will be packed and shipped. 

- Your tracking information will always show up on your account. 



- You cannot have items in your cart when you click on the link to the drafted invoice. The items won't show up if there are items in your cart. If you would like items added to your cart you can ask us to add the items to the order for you or you can add the items when you are ready to pay and click on the invoice.

- Once you open an invoice and the items are in your cart you have to complete the order within a couple days or it may delete the items from your cart and we will have to build a new invoice.

- Please don't forget to message us your account Name and Email after each live sale you participate in.


If you have bought from a Live Sale, please fill out this survey to help us out. If you add your email, you get a free gift on your next purchase.