M-29911 Brazilian Oco Geode Slices 6 pc lot


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6 pc lot Brazilian Oco Geode Slices

100% Genuine Natural Oco Geode Slices

Origin: Brazil

Both faces are polished to a smooth, glossy finish and rough natural edges. 

Geodes are hollow, vaguely circular rocks in which masses of mineral matter (which may include crystals) are secluded. Oco Geodes are found in the Tres Pinheiros region of Brazil and were formed in the vesicles of basalt flows that underlie parts of the region. Oco geodes are arguable the most unique geodes in terms of outside texture, color variety and internal crystal variety. Oco Gedoes are known for their hollow core filled with miniature crystals and outer wisps of contrasting colors. 

Length: 1.2-1.5 inches 


You will receive the exact slices in the photo.

This listing is for one (1) select lot of Oco Geode Slices.  


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