M-34680 Lemurian Lazer Crystal Point 12.5oz


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Brazilian Lemurian Laser Crystal Point 

Lemurian Crystal Points, "Time Keepers" Crystal have small horizontal striations or "time lines" along the sides of the shaft of the crystal. To be a true Lemurian Crystal, you not only should be able to see the striations but also feel them!

LASER, or "LAZER" refers to a long slender crystal with small faces on the termination. The crystal tapers, going from wide to more narrow, ending in a point.
Laser Quartz (also known as Laser Wands)  They have small faces and may curve gently as well and are a high vibrational crystal.

Please note that these are 100% natural points hand mined in Brazil and will have scars and chips, (as we all do), do not expect perfection.

Some believe Laser Quartz Points help to focus, concentrate and accelerate energy into a laser-like beam. They are used for targeted healing and are said to dissolve energy blocks.

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 12.5oz

Length: 6.96in

This listing is for the exact crystal points in the photograph.


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