M-40324 Raw Magnetite 1.7 oz


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Rough Magnetite

100% Natural Magnetite

Origin: India


Magnetite is an abundant mineral and is one of the main iron ores. It has the chemical formula Fe2+Fe3+2O4. It is a black or brown mineral with a metallic luster that sometimes shimmers in the light. Magnetite is ferromagnetic, which means it is attracted to magnet and has the ability to be magnetized itself and become a permeant magnet. Because of this property, it has been used in compasses for a very long time and used for navigation purposes. Magnetite is thought to be the first instance of magnetism that helped shape early ideas on magnetism and make scientific discoveries. 


Weight: 1.7 oz

Length: 2.0 in


You will receive the exact piece in the photo.


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