Malachite Free Form 4 lb Lot 1.5"-5" Mixed Sizes



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Malachite Free Form  4-LB LOT (PRMAFF-4LB)

These freeform Malachite pieces are polished to a smooth, glossy finish with high luster to exemplify its characteristic whorl pattern.

100% Genuine Natural Malachite

Origin: Africa | The most important Malachite mine is in Zaire.

Assorted sizes 1.5"-5 " L  avg (AVERAGE SIZE) | Natural Product * Sizes and Shapes Vary Slightly

Malachite: Malachite is a carbonate mineral, copper(II) carbonate hydroxide Cu2CO3(OH)2. It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system.

Malachite forms when carbonated water interacts with copper minerals, or when copper mixes with limestone. It is rich mineral of copper. Crystals sometimes form as needles on the rock in which they are embedded. More often, malachite forms as a mass with concentric bands of light to dark green that apear like banded agate. Blue azurite is found offen with Malachite. Very soft 3.5-4 hardnes. Malachite gets its name from Greek word malakos - soft. According to another theory the word malachite comes from Greek malhe, which means grass.

Pictures are examples only | Please allow for natural variation between pieces | You will receive items similar to those shown in photo(s)

This listing is for a four (4) pound lot mixed sizes Polished Freeform Malachite.


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