My Small Box of Rocks! Tray, Set, Collection, Kit



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My Small Box of Rocks!

Assorted Minerals, Tray, Set, Collection, Kit Crafters
Collection Box Of 12 Gems Crystals Natural Raw Minerals

 Included in every box: Orange Calcite, Hematite, Rose Quartz,  Amethyst Crystal Point, Pyrite, Clear Quartz, Blue Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, White Rainbow Moonstone, Bloodstone, & Peacock Copper Ore.


100% Natural. Not Dyed

Origin: Rocks from Brazil

5" by 5" by 3" box dimension

1.5"-2.5 " per piece

Rough Assorted Minerals - Qty-1 Small Flat box with 12 gemstones
A great set or gift for any mineral/geology enthusiast or collector. Great mix of assorted sizes. 

Same Materials Included in every box with List of names included. Rocks are NOT labeled individually.

*Picture is example only; Listing is for 1 box set

Crystal River Gems Wholesale Box of Rocks!

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