Plain Geode Half Earrings w/ Gold Plated Earwire (ER30BT)



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Oco Geode  Earrings NOT PLATED !
Oco, Occo, many names for a little geode rock!

Real and natural gemstone crystals, It takes many stones to find a matching pair.
We expertly hand select pairs from 1000's and supply them around the world
to the Jewelty Industry

Stones are approx. 1 1/4" long avg  but range from 1-2 in L

Sugical Steel earwire included.

Occos have a hollow crystal center. They make wonderful occo geode gifts.
Occo are MINI geodes. This geode originally comes from Brazil.
Occos are a type of Quartz Stone. Also called Oco Geode.


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