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Plated Stone & Obsidian Arrowhead Pendant Set


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    Plated Stone & Obsidian Arrowheads

    This listing includes three arrowhead pendants made of obsidian and natural stone with gold and silver plating, making a unique set.

    Sizes range from an average 1-1.5". Pictures are examples only. Many of the bails on the plated stone pendant are irregular or facing forward instead of sideways. These are sold as-is and can be adjusted by removing bail or adding a bail for jewelry design.

    The earliest arrowheads were made of stone, and the arrowhead became a meaningful symbol in Native American culture and spirituality.

    The pendants in this set include two stone arrowheads, one with gold plating and one with silver, as well as one natural obsidian arrowhead with a silver plated bail. Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed by quickly cooling lava and consists mainly of silicon dioxide. Its conchoidal fracture results in a sharp, smooth blade, so it was historically used to create knives and arrowheads. These arrowheads will vary in tones, sizes, and patterns due to their natural materials.

    This listing is for one crystal pendant set (3 pendants total, 1 of each obsidian, silver plated stone, and gold plated stone). 
    Picture is example only. No chains included. 



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