Qty-1 Live Air Plant on Titanium Amethyst Druzy



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Qty-1 Live Air Plant on Titanium Amethyst Druzy 2-3" avg Wholesale Bulk (AMYAIR-1)

Bring color and life to your small spaces with the Live Air Plants on Titanium Amethyst Druzy! Perfect as a gift, for your desk or living space. Each  piece is unique! 

100% Live Air Plant, Ioanantha Guatemala species

100% Genuine Natural Amethyst Druzy, Titanium Treatment

Origin: Brazil

*Our air plants are Ioanantha Guatemala species, 2-3" tall average. These  required daily water 'misting' with a spray  bottle.**

Titanium Amethyst Druzy pieces measure  2-3" (AVERAGE SIZE) This is a natural product

Pictures are examples ONLY | Please allow for natural variation in size, shape and color.

This listing is for one (1) Live Air Plant on Titanium Amethyst Druzy.


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**All of our plants  are live, healthy specimens that require care  and watering.

No Warranty; If you  have any issues with your  order, please contact us directly: shop@crystalrivergems.com

**For orders of 20 plants or  more, please anticipate 1 week  before shipping.

**US ONLY- No International Orders**

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