Moss Agate Gemstone Bottle 3" tall



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Qty-1 Moss Agate Gemstone Bottle 3" tall Wholesale Bulk (GBL-MSA) 

Moss agate is a colorless, translucent Dendritic Agate variety of Chalcedony with inclusions of green hornblende (or chlorite) in moss-like patterns or filaments, hence the name. The "field" is a clear or milky-white quartz and the included minerals are mainly oxides of manganese or iron. Moss agate, although primarily green, can also show brown and red patterns due to the oxidation of the iron in the hornblende/chlorite. The name 'Agate' is generally accepted even though this stone is not banded as a true agate should be.

According to metaphysical beliefs, Moss Agate is believed to help us regulate our interaction with the external world, giving us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment. Moss Agate vibrates a green energy that is associated with the Heart Chakra and is believed to aid in physical recovery as well.

100% Genuine Natural Moss Agate, Tumbled Chips

These genuine natural gemstone chips are tumbled and packaged in a vintage-style 3" tall glass bottle with a cork stopper. Stopper can be removed for easy use gemstone use and storage.

Gem Bottle measure 3" tall | Filled with natural tumbled gemstone chips

Picture is example ONLY | Please allow for natural variation in size, shape and color/hue of gemstone chips.

This listing is for one (1) gemstone bottle.


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