Set of 4 - Crystal Infused Enchanted Tea Light Candles - Scented



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Box Set of  4 - Assorted Tea Light Crystal Candles 

Red: McIntosh Apple and Mulberry - Red Jasper

Orange: Orange & Patchouli - Carnelian

Yellow: Lemon Pound Cake & Vanilla - Yellow Jasper 

Green: White Tea & Evergreen Pine - Peridot

We have handmade candles crafted in Pittsburgh! These are Soy Wax candles infused with Mica to create a shimmery swirl as it burns. There are crystal chips on top. 

Soy wax is non-toxic, burns clean, has a slow burn, and gives a stronger scent. Soy wax can have some interesting patterns as it hardens over time, due to the nature of it. Any white spots in the wax are natural and will melt away as it burns.

Candle Burning Tips 

-Trim your wick to 1/4 inch each burn to prevent tunneling. 

-Use tweezers to pull out any crystals that crowd the wick as it melts.

-Don't burn for too long to where the wick drowns.

-Let it get a nice even layer of melted wax each burn.


Picture is example only. Color, texture, & crystals will vary.




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