Tear Drop CAPIZ Shell Dish 7.5"



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Tear Drop CAPIZ Shell Dish 7.5" (CAPIZ)

This exquisitely delicate shell dish has the organic, flowing shape of a tear drop and three legs for an elegant raised dish. The polished silvery finish of the shell will give a glow to any space.


"Capiz shell" refers to the inside lining of an oyster that is abundant in Southeast Asia, especially around the Philippines and Indonesia. Capiz shells have a smooth translucent shiny interior and are typically white but are frequently dyed pink, blue and purple. These shells were used as windows before glass was available in the Philippines, hence the nickname "windowpane oyster", as well as used to decorate accessories, jewelry, lampshades, windchimes, etc.


According to metaphysical beliefs, shells are associated with the Third Eye chakra of opening vision, intuition and spiritual insight. Shells are also generally conducive to healing, release and purification, acting as a balancing tone and creating a feeling of peaceful rest associated with the heart chakra. All shells also hold the energy of the ocean and bring a strong calming energy in tough times.


100% Natural Genuine Capiz Shell

Hand polished and hand made in the Philippines

Approximately 7.5" length, dish is approximately 1" deep, stands approximately 1" tall

Picture is example only | This is a natural product, please allow for some natural variation between pieces.

This listing is for one (1) Capix shell dish.


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