Warehouse Appointments

Warehouse Shopping 

Appointment Guidelines, Wholesale Prices, & Tax Exemption

There are two ways you can visit first hand. We recently opened our new, beautiful showroom which is open Monday-Saturday 10:30AM-6:00PM and no appointment is needed. All the same products and pricing are available in the showroom as the warehouse. You can purchase items directly from the showroom or for large quantities, they will be picked for you by a warehouse liaison. NO APPOINTMENT IS NEEDED.

If you prefer a warehouse experience where you hand pick your own items, here are the details:


Scheduling Appointment for Warehouse: You can now schedule warehouse appointments through Calendly. Checkout the Calendar below to schedule. 


Warehouse and Phone Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10AM-4PM

Minimum purchase: $300.00 in warehouse by appointment only.

Before Coming: Completed REV1220 Required


Payments accepted:
Cash, MasterCard or Visa

To keep the warehouse safe for everyone, children are not permitted in the warehouse.

*Avoid entering the warehouse if you have a cough, fever or other signs/symptoms of COVID-19.



We have a few guidelines for any warehouse appointment:

- Appointments must be made with at least 48hrs noticed and are based on availability; Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-4PM

- All appointments must end by 4PM.

- $300.00 spending minimum, coupon codes are not applicable for showroom and warehouse purchases.

- Any bags, purses, coats, etc. must be secured in a locker in our office during the appointment.

- For their safety and security, children are not permitted in the warehouse.

*** No minors under the age of 18 are permitted in the warehouse, for their own safety and security. If you arrive with an individual under the age of 18, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. ***

There is paid parking at several garages surrounding the building. Our warehouse is located in the Diamond Building at 100 Fifth Ave., 3rd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. When you arrive to the Diamond Building, please call us at 412-391-5310 so we can meet you at the door and escort you to the floors for shopping our warehouse. You will be assigned a staff member during your visit to assist you and help streamline the process. We have 4,000+ products and it can be a bit overwhelming the first time- we recommend checking out our website, www.crystalrivergems.com to get an idea of what you are interested in seeing and what we have available/in stock. 

If you have any questions or concerns before your visit, please email us back or call 412-391-5310.


All of our items are already at wholesale pricing. You do not need a business to get wholesale pricing. Everything on our website is already at wholesale pricing. You will see the same prices in the physical warehouse. 


Crystal River Gems LLC provides wholesale for companies looking to resell. Everyone can get tax exemption, even if you live in PA.

Pennsylvania customers ONLY. You will need a TAX EXEMPT CERTIFICATE if your business is located in Pennsylvania, in order to eliminate the PA SALES TAX. If you are located outside PA, NO sales tax will be charged by us.

Pricing is the same with or without the Tax Exempt Certificate.


Complete these two forms before your Warehouse appointment or before making an online order.

The PA REV 1220 is for PA residents who want Tax Exemption. If you are from out of state, then you are already tax exempt. 

The second form is to register as a NEW Wholesale Buyer with us. 

1. Complete the PA REV 1220 form send to shop@crystalrivergems.com

2. Complete this online registration form and submit. Enter here to register as a NEW WHOLESALE BUYER.

After you complete both requirements we will confirm with you asap!

*You only need to send us a TAX EXEMPT CERTIFICATE if your business is located in Pennsylvania to eliminate the PA SALES TAX.*