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#1 Glass Eye Studio Retail Seller

Glass Eye Studio NEW 2014 PRODUCTS / Art Glass by the Glass Eye Studio Everything from Glass Eye Studio contains ash from the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption. Handmade in the USA. Hand Blown Glass Collectible Paperweights All pieces are signed or carded and presented with storycards in a velvet keepsake box or gift box. All glass art from Glass Eye Studio's Seattle studio is individually hand crafted by artists, Part of the Environmental Series - made of fascinating creatures, natural disasters and phenomenons of nature. Glass Eye Studio designs reveal the mystery of earth and space.

515F Soul Nebula

521F Solar Eclipse

514f Heart Nebula

513F Shooting Star

512F Solar Storm

523F Star is Born

Glass Eye Studio Celestial 515F Soul Nebula Glass Eye Studio 521F Solar Eclipse 514f Heart Nebula 513F 512F Glass Eye Studio 523F Star is Born 

613 Rainbow

614 Morning Glory

Celebration 2014 OL178 LE

516f Pillars of Creation

595 Copper Blossom

529F Sun

Glass Eye Studio 613 Rainbow 614 Glass Eye Studio - Celebration 2014 OL178 
 Glass Eye Studio 516f Pillars of Creation  Glass Eye Studio 595 Copper Blossom Glass Eye Studio Celestial 529F Sun